Gotta start somewhere

I have been putting off writing a regular blog because I don’t want to sound stupid. Unfortunately, that’s probably what’s going to happen because when you start a new project, you almost always feel stupid.

This is as true in language learning as it is in anything. We must start practicing if we ever want to speak another language. I must start writing if I ever want to communicate with my students.

I fight a lot against the expectation for perfection in language learning. The fact is that no one speaks any language perfectly because language is always changing, even with just one person. The way we spoke as teenagers is different than how we speak today. Circumstance changes our speaking patterns- formal language for an interview, casual among friends.

None of these ways of speaking are more or less correct. Just different.

So I need to start holding myself to my own advice. I can’t expect my posts to be perfect because I am using human language. I can dedicate myself to a schedule to practice writing this blog, the same way I dedicate time to practice my languages. Soon it’ll be easier and hopefully more interesting, but it’ll always be work. And it will always be less than perfect.

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