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A Week of Conversation Practice

When you don’t live in a country that speaks your target language as its main language, you have to do some more work to get speaking practice into your daily life. Conversation exchanges are great for this!

I have to admit,

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Motivation Is Your Secret Weapon In Language Learning

There are generally two ways to learn a skill: slow and steady or fast and intense. Both methods can be effective, but their success depends on the motivation of the student.

Impatient students are highly motivated to improve their level as soon as possible.

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Passion for Language

When I study language, there is a moment when I understand my first word without translating it from English that I feel a new person is born. A code has become clear and a new vision of the world appears.

I love studying vocabulary. When I was in high school I would read through SAT Vocab trainers for fun.

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