10 Steps To A Personalized Language Course

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I don’t know about you, but I think generic courses are pretty boring.
I was in my favorite bookstore the other day, flipping through language course books (everyone has their own ways to relax) and I almost fell asleep reading through them.

A Simple Technique to Demystify Pronunciation

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I love the International Phonetic Alphabet (otherwise known as the IPA). It’s so useful to be able to have a uniform sound reference across languages, since every language assigns different sounds to letters.
I didn’t always love it,

Gotta start somewhere

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I have been putting off writing a regular blog because I don’t want to sound stupid. Unfortunately, that’s probably what’s going to happen because when you start a new project, you almost always feel stupid.

This is as true in language learning as it is in anything.

Passion for Language

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When I study language, there is a moment when I understand my first word without translating it from English that I feel a new person is born. A code has become clear and a new vision of the world appears.