I have trouble expressing my thoughts clearly while speaking

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I wonder what your main problem is related to making yourself understood.

  1. Do you feel your speech isn’t clear, so people don’t understand you even though you know what you want to say?
  2. Or do you hesitate a lot because you’re not sure what words you want to use?

A Week of Conversation Practice

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When you don’t live in a country that speaks your target language as its main language, you have to do some more work to get speaking practice into your daily life. Conversation exchanges are great for this!

Why Your Accent Doesn't Matter ...And When It Does

Why Your Accent Doesn’t Matter- And When It Does

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I love your accent.
I think the way each individual speaks so uniquely is one of the great things about people. As a lover of language, I enjoy hearing people playing with language.

Language is fairly arbitrary anyway.

Woman with open mouth wearing Groucho glasses.

Better Pronunciation, Better Writing: How to Multi-task Effectively

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“I can’t, I have a paper due.”

The perennial student complaint that has an extra level of frustration for non-native English speakers studying at a university in the U.S. or England.

It already takes a great effort to compose thoughts into words,

Marathon Runners

Motivation Is Your Secret Weapon In Language Learning

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There are generally two ways to learn a skill: slow and steady or fast and intense. Both methods can be effective, but their success depends on the motivation of the student.

Impatient students are highly motivated to improve their level as soon as possible.

Let’s Build A Language Practicing Habit!

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a student in possession of a good workload, must be in want of a habit -Jane Austen (paraphrased)

Speaking a language is a skill. In order to use that skill confidently, you need to dedicate time and energy to developing it. This means building a practice habit into your life.
Building this habit can be hard,

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone- So Don’t! Find Your Language Coach

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A few years ago I had a trial lesson with someone who had a very clear idea of how he wanted to learn. My teaching style ended up being not compatible with his learning vision. We spent most of the session telling each other “that’s not the way I do things.”
Needless to say,

3 Easy and Effective Speaking Practice Tips

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The biggest fear I have when I think of talking to people in my current broken Spanish is that they will be frustrated at dealing with me. They will think I am stupid and shun me from society. People will be angry I attempted to speak before I was perfectly fluent.

Get A Learning Boost By Getting Physical

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I learned how to type in the 7th grade.
Everyone at my middle school had to take computer class and we had to learn to touch type. In order to aid us in acquiring this ability,

Get to Know Your Tongue for Pronunciation Mastery

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Have you heard? The tongue is a muscle!

Okay, you probably have heard me say this before, a few hundred times. I like to remind you of this because I think it’s important to remember that learning language is in the body as much as it’s in the mind.