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10 Steps To A Personalized Language Course

I don’t know about you, but I think generic courses are pretty boring.
I was in my favorite bookstore the other day, flipping through language course books (everyone has their own ways to relax) and I almost fell asleep reading through them.
Relaxation accomplished!

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A Simple Technique to Demystify Pronunciation

I love the International Phonetic Alphabet (otherwise known as the IPA). It’s so useful to be able to have a uniform sound reference across languages, since every language assigns different sounds to letters.
I didn’t always love it, though. Only since I’ve spent hours practicing writing in this alphabet while working on pronunciation lessons.

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Gotta start somewhere

I have been putting off writing a regular blog because I don’t want to sound stupid. Unfortunately, that’s probably what’s going to happen because when you start a new project, you almost always feel stupid.

This is as true in language learning as it is in anything. We must start practicing if we ever want to speak another language.

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Passion for Language

When I study language, there is a moment when I understand my first word without translating it from English that I feel a new person is born. A code has become clear and a new vision of the world appears.

I love studying vocabulary. When I was in high school I would read through SAT Vocab trainers for fun.

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