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3 Easy and Effective Speaking Practice Tips

The biggest fear I have when I think of talking to people in my current broken Spanish is that they will be frustrated at dealing with me. They will think I am stupid and shun me from society. People will be angry I attempted to speak before I was perfectly fluent.

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Get A Learning Boost By Getting Physical

I learned how to type in the 7th grade.
Everyone at my middle school had to take computer class and we had to learn to touch type. In order to aid us in acquiring this ability, each computer had a wooden shelf we had to put over our hands while we followed along with good ol’ Mavis Beacon.

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Get to Know Your Tongue for Pronunciation Mastery

Have you heard? The tongue is a muscle!

Okay, you probably have heard me say this before, a few hundred times. I like to remind you of this because I think it’s important to remember that learning language is in the body as much as it’s in the mind.

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10 Steps To A Personalized Language Course

I don’t know about you, but I think generic courses are pretty boring.
I was in my favorite bookstore the other day, flipping through language course books (everyone has their own ways to relax) and I almost fell asleep reading through them.
Relaxation accomplished!

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A Simple Technique to Demystify Pronunciation

I love the International Phonetic Alphabet (otherwise known as the IPA). It’s so useful to be able to have a uniform sound reference across languages, since every language assigns different sounds to letters.
I didn’t always love it, though. Only since I’ve spent hours practicing writing in this alphabet while working on pronunciation lessons.

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