Stop feeling frustrated with English Pronunciation.

You understand English! You know what you want to say!
Increase your speaking confidence and listening comprehension at the same time.

Learn the exact exercises your tongue needs to help you speak with an American accent.

I’m Saunatina and I love language!

Traditionally, language is taught in the classroom with grammar as the main focus. You know all the forms of ‘to be’ after filling out worksheets and passing tests on conjugation, but it’s still a pain to remember which form goes with which pronoun when you’re speaking in conversation.

Now, I love studying languages.
Watching YouTube videos on linguistics, reading articles on word etymology, and buying books on the history of language… if it’s about language, I’m into it.
I’m especially fascinated by the sound of language and how pronunciation affects understanding.

Knowledge about a language doesn’t mean knowing how to speak the language. Only practicing speaking can teach you that.

It’s always frustrated me with how courses treat speaking as an afterthought, so we don’t learn how easy it really is to be able to pronounce new sounds.  

Speaking is a skill like grammar is a skill. 

When you are shown how to improve your skill, English pronunciation is not that difficult.

Speak English confidently, today!

Student Testimonials

It was a great lesson! Challenging for me at times but she knows how to help you to improve. Totally recommended.
-Magix from Spain

It was my first online lesson. She was such a nice teacher! She is a kind of teacher who can be your friend. I want to learn a lot from her and at the same time I want to be her friend! It was a nice surprise because I didn’t think I could enjoy the lesson like this! Thank you very much and we talk soon again!     

-Mimi from Japan

I love teachers that prepare a lot, and I think she does prepare a lot. By the way she talked, It seemed like she always think about how to help their students with their English better. I loved these parts about her as a teacher.
-Grace from Republic of Korea

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